Setup Wallet

Download and install the QT wallet client from the links below

Buy or Mine

Purchase HoboNickels through an exchange, or begin mining HoboNickels


Hold HoboNickels in your wallet to be eligible to receive a ~2% stake every ten days


welcome to the official hobonickels website!

HoboNickels is a cryptographic currency, similar to Bitcoin, that is designed to make online transactions easy and efficient. HoboNickels wallet clients are being actively developed and improved upon.

HoboNickels (HBN) is an extremely fast and efficient crypto-currency. With a Proof of Work block time of 30 seconds coupled with fast Proof of Stake, it is pushing to be one of the fastest coins available. The 2-5% Proof of Stake is also one of the most generous staking algorithms released. The stake is designed to keep the inflation rate from getting out of control, with the % of stake decreasing as more people stake the coin. HoboNickels has the added security of a Proof of Stake coin with the addition of security features like Automated Block Checkpoints. HoboNickels are the first coin to use Multi-Wallet functionality.

Official Wallet Clients

Warning: Update to Wallet Version 1.5, by Jan 17, 2015. Older wallets will be on the wrong chain at this time. Info: here


Trade HBN

HoboNickels (HBN) are currently traded on Cryptopia.


HoboNickel Art

Hobonickels are a historical past time and hobby that involves carving a nickel into a work of art. The logo of HBN has been designed and carved by DigitalHobo, you can browse DigitalHobo's website at to see all types of hobonickel artwork created by DigitalHobo.