Support the HoboNickels Foundation

Donate to the HoboNickels Foundation to help pay for Hosting website, VPSs, Explorers, etc. They will also go towards bounties for new exchanges, seeding new charities, or for getting new developers on board.

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    Support Songs of Love

    Songs of Love Foundation, a charity for children is looking for support from the HoboNickels community. Songs of Love has been around for 18 years and have reached out to over 24,000 sick children by giving them their very own personalized "songs of love". To find out more about Songs of Love please visit this thread on our hosted forum.

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      Get Your Charity Listed!

      If you would like to join the HoboNickels community, and be part of our Stake For Charity, please visit our community to request addition. Or please email


Trade HBN

HoboNickels (HBN) are currently traded on FreiExchange, NovaExchange and BTCPop

HoboNickel Art

Hobonickels are a historical past time and hobby that involves carving a nickel into a work of art. The logo of HBN has been designed and carved by DigitalHobo, you can browse DigitalHobo's website at to see all types of hobonickel artwork created by DigitalHobo.